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Our Online Test Series: - Anywhere, anytime on your PC

Online Test software system forms an evaluation of the student's knowledge of the subject area being studied. Online test systems can also be used to assess students’ skills, such as collaboration and persistence, as well as students’ characteristics, such as confidence and motivation. The information collection and processing carried out by online test system to form an evaluation of each student's progress takes place over a period of time.

The output from online test software provides the ingredients that can be synthesized and interpreted to produce visualizations. The visualizations, represent a student's knowledge, skills or resource requirements and they help teachers and students understand their performance and its assessment.

Feature of Online Test Series

  1. Best computer software to give hands on experience for CBT.
  2. Choose from the massive collection of questions, which have been collected over 3 decades which covers all the FMG Examinations in India
  3. Visualization: Easy to access at Desktop/Laptop/Tabs
  4. With Assessments: Customized Grand Test at your convenience
  5. Instant Evaluation: Analytical Report and visual overview for each tests
  6. Bookmark: Saves time for easy revision for your learning

More Highlights for Online Test Series

There are Three Types of Test
  1. Topic Wise Test: Test of 80 - 100 MCQ's for particular topics for each 19 subjects i.e. around all 19 subjects combo of more than 2000 MCQ's.
  2. Subject Wise Test: A Test of 150 - 200 MCQ's combo of all topics for each 19 subjects i.e. around together all subject based tests having around more than 4000 MCQ's.
  3. Grand Test (All Subject): A Practice test for very similar to the original FMG examination i.e. Test contains 300 MCQ's combo of all 19 subjects according to the weightage of the particular subjects.