Semi-Regular Course

Batches Starts: Feb/March/Aug/Sept

Team motivation SEMI-REGULAR COURSE for Foreign Medical Graduates for MCI examination in India. This course lays stress on covering the whole syllabus over a period of 3 months with 400 hours of teaching covering all subjects, which lays the right amount of stress on what actually we are required to know before the exams. The classes are conducted daily classes of 5 - 6 hours, giving ample time to the students for self-study by highly experiences teachers from all over India and even overseas! And our students also get the whole course material from Team Motivation which is specifically designed and updated every year keeping in mind the latest trends. Undoubtedly our students have outshined in every year with the help of the right guidance.


Semi-Regular Course Highlights
(1) 320 hours of teaching with emphasis on all major topics of all subjects.
(2) Daily classes of 5-6 hours.
(3) 40 Tests & Discussion to revise all major subjects.
(4) Content according to the latest MCI screening examination.
(5) 4 mock tests in end to give full rehearsal before exam.

  • Subject
  • Total Hours
  • Topics Detail
  • Anatomy
  • 30 hrs
  • Upper Limb, Lower Limb, Thorax, Abdomen & Pelvis and Head & Neck, Embryology, Neuro-anatomy.
  • Physiology
  • 25 hrs
  • Nerve & Muscles, CNS, Special senses, Endocrine System, Cellular Physiology, Blood, CVS, Respiratory System, GIT, Excretory System, Reproductive System.
  • Biochemistry
  • 25 hrs
  • Carbohydrate, Proteins, Lipid, Vitamins, Mineral, Nucleic Acid.
  • Pathology
  • 40 hrs
  • Cell Injury, Inflammation, Hemodynamic Disorder, Genetic, Neoplasia, Systemic Pathology.
  • Pharmacology
  • 25 hrs
  • Antimicrobial, Central Nervous System, GIT, Anticancer, Autocoids, Cardio Vascular System, RS, Endocrine, Blood, General Pharmacology.
  • Microbiology
  • 25 hrs
  • Immunology, Systemic Bacteriology, General Microbiology, Virology, Mycology, Parasitology.
  • F. Medicine
  • 10 hrs
  • Court Procedures, Toxicology, MLI of Injuries, Sexual offence, Forensic Psychiatry, Identification, Impotent, stertility & MTP, Infanticide, Mechanical Asphyxia and Infants Death, Medical Law and Ethics, Thanatology, Thermal Burn.
  • Ophthalmology
  • 25 hrs
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Eye, Optics & Refraction, Conjunctiva, Cornea, Lens, Glaucoma, Uveitis, Squint, Vitreous, Retina, Neuroophthalmology Orbit, Eyelids, Trauma, Sclera, Tumors.
  • E.N.T.
  • 20 hrs
  • Embryology of Ear, Anatomy and Physiology of Ear, Audiology, Diseases of Ear, Nose, Oral Cavity, Pharynx, Larynx.
  • P.S.M.
  • 25 hrs
  • Demography & Family Planning, Biostatistics, Epidemiology I & II, Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases, Health Programmes, Maternal and Child Health.
  • Medicine
  • 50 hrs
  • Liver, GIT, Kidney, Acidbase, Electrolyte disorders, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, Central Nervous System, Endocrine, Rheumatology Haematology, (Including all image based questions).
  • Surgery
  • 50 hrs
  • General Surgery, Trauma, Burns, Oral Cavity, Salivary Gland, Urology, Hernia, Breast, GIT, Haematology.
  • OBG
  • 25 hrs
  • Anatomy, Interse, Prolapse, Ameno, Infertility, Oncology, Hormones, Contraception, Urogenital - Gynaecology.
  • Paediatrics
  • 25 hrs
  • Growth and Development, Infectious Diseases, Childhood Psychiatric Disorders, Endocrine Disorder, Cardiovascular System, Respiratory System, GIT, Central Nervous System, Childhood Tumours.
  • Orthopaedics
  • 15 hrs
  • Fractures, Bone Joints Infection, Joint Disorders, Metabolic Disorder, Bone Tumours, Orthopaedics Neurology, Congenital and Developmental Disorders, Regional Orthopaedics.
  • Anaesthesia
  • 15 hrs
  • Introduction to Anaesthesia, Preoperative Assesment and Premedication, Inhalational Agents, Intravenous Anaesthetic, Muscle Relaxants, Complications of GA, Local Anaesthetics, Peripheral Nerve Blocks, Central Neuraxial Blocks, Management of Coexisting Diseases, Speciality Managements, Intensive Care Management, CPR.
  • SKIN
  • 15 hrs
  • Introduction to Dermatology, Viral Infections, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Papulosquamous Skin Diseases, Keratinization Disorders, Eczematous Disorders of the Skin, Reactive Skin Diseases, Vesiculobullous Disorders, Disorders of Hair, Disorders of The Sebaceous Glands, Metabolic and Nutritional Disorders, Tumors of the Skin, Connective Tissue Disorders, Pigmentary Disorders, Phakomatoses and Neurocutaneous Syndromes, Paediatric and Gestational Dermatology, Laser in Dermatology and Important New Developments.
  • Psychiatry
  • 15 hrs
  • Mental Status Examination, Organic Brain Syndrome, Schizophrenia, Mood Disorder, Anxiety Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Substance Dependances Disorders, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, Ego Defence Mechanism, Classification of Psychosexual Disorders, Pscho Diagnosis Tests & Psychotherapy, Treatment Modalities.
  • Radiology
  • 15 hrs
  • Radiology & Radiotherapy, (Including Ultrasound, X-rays, and All Image Based Questions.
  • Follows us our servcies